2013 Reverse Logistics Automation Benchmark Results Webinar: How to address the top 4 RL challenges

View a replay of this webinar to look at some of the key trends and challenges that will likely have the greatest impact on reverse logistics in 2013 and learn ways to drive more revenue from services and achieve full visibility throughout the entire RL supply chain.

You’ll hear the results of the Reverse Logistics Automation Benchmark Report and will also receive a complimentary copy.

Michael Blumberg, Principal of Blumberg Advisory Group, shared insights from the benchmark report and how the industry is undergoing a transformation.

View this recorded webinar to get:

  • Benchmark data on your peers
  • Suggestions for handling the top challenges facing reverse logistics
  • Information on how visiblity into the entire RL supply chain helps increase service revenues and stop revenue leakage
  • Insight into how transactional-based pricing can make a significant impact on your organization



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Michael Blumberg

  Michael Blumberg
  Blumberg Advisory Group

Larry Galaviz

  Larry Galaviz
  Sorvive Technologies

Ray Miller

  Ray Miller